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"In soloing, as in other activities, it is far easier to start something than it is to finish it." Amelia Earhart 

Aviation Consulting Services

Aircraft Portfolio Management

H2 Aviation consultants have over 40 years of global aviation experience facilitating:

Aircraft Inspection and Acquisition

Aircraft Finance Restructuring

Aircraft Records Review

Work-out Agreements

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Aviation Safety Programs

H2 Aviation customizes Safety Management System (SMS) programs to meet the needs of your organization with seamless integration. Our consultants have proven results of implementing an SMS Program by:

Acting as a Virtual Safety Manager.

Creating an internal safety culture to proactively identify and manage risks. 

Receiving Aviation Insurance discounts.

Fostering industry best practices.

Increasing revenue, increasing employee satisfaction, and increasing presence in the aviation community. 

Updating Emergency Response Plans (ERP) and conducting emergency tabletop exercises.

Contact us at info@h2aviationllc.com to enhance your SMS today.

Open the door to Community Outreach

Are you looking for new ways to market your aircraft operation? Have you considered the benefits of corporate impact in your community? 

H2 Aviation develops good corporate citizens without big financial investments. Aircraft operations of all sizes can brand their organization by building social good into their internal culture.

Click below to learn more about partnering with local nonprofits to promote your operation and better your surrounding community.

Contact us at info@h2aviationllc.com to learn more about how to promote your organization through Community Outreach.